Stonepack is committed to reducing the impact of our commerce on the environment wherever we possibly can.

At our site in Angus we heavily promote re-use and recycling, believing that every small part that we can either use again or reprocess  makes all the difference. All spillage from our bagging lines is gathered up and processed back through the quarry plant to eliminate waste. Any discarded polypropylene packaging or unusable bags are stored on site and sent in large batches to be re-cycled at a cost to the company.  Broken and used pallets are sent back to the manufacturer to be mended or stripped back and re-built.

All our HGV vehicles are under 2 years old, meaning that they have a reduced impact on the environment as newer engines are built to be more efficient on fuel and give out fewer emissions. Stonepack has invested in specialist trailers that have drop down sides, meaning that we can deliver bags to our customers with the sides of the trailers down. Once the bags are off loaded, the sides of the trailers are put up again and we can bring back different aggregates from all over Scotland. By doing this we ensure our lorries are fully utilised, carrying complete loads whenever possible and by planning our journeys strategically in advance we can succeed in reducing our carbon emissions.

In the office we try to ensure that we keep mostly digital files where possible and that all waste paper that doesn’t have to kept for recording purposes is shredded and recycled. The office only has energy-saving light bulbs and products that are environmentally friendly are used to clean this department.

Our local quarry where we procure a vast amount of our core aggregates are also heavily committed to sustainability and in the last 5 years have planted over 100,000 trees in the local area not only to help screen the quarry but to off-set carbon emissions and create a path network for locals to use for recreation.

Our site in Angus Scotland is SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) registered meaning that the site is subject to inspections at any point and independently evaluated with regards to noise and air pollution. We have an unblemished record in this field.  Stonepack is also fully devoted to sustainability and preserving the environment.